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This site is built to spread medical knowledge especially among medical students. This is a place where medical students will be able to get lectures slides. Knowledge based blog posts are also published from time to time to highlight upcoming challenges regarding health and medicine. And to guide and educate the medical students as well as general public to the latest tips in the domain of health and medicine.

Your feedback, suggestions and comments will be cherished.


  1. excellent site but no lectures on cns and cardiovascular sys,cardiac output

  2. i am shalvi.i was not able to find notes on cardiovascular system .cardiac output,etc.its a excellent site.please help me out.

  3. Very intresting tips. Thanks for sharing

  4. Respected team who establish and also who contribute to this site, My daughter is in I year MBBS. While browsing the net, I came across this site and noticed the useful slides. My daughter has found it very useful. She asked for “digestive system” slides, but it is not available. Hope u will provide them in future. Doctor is a noble profession and they sacrifice their life for the welfare of humanity. The founders of this site is true doctors. Only wealth depletes by sharing, but knowledge multiplies by sharing. I appreciate your efforts and wish all success in your endeavours.

    • Thanks for writing to us.
      Happy to see your interest here and thanks for your appreciation in such nice words to which we are unable to pay our regards just in words. Regarding “digestive system” that you are having difficulty finding, Please look in second year lectures it is enlisted there under all subjects slides. In short form it is usually referred as GIT (Gastrointestinal Tract).


  6. Hello,

    I’m a visual artist at http://www.youthfrenzy.com and a medical student of RMC Pakistan. Just wanted to ask you if you can please review my medical illustrations on your site and tell your audience about it.
    Let me know please.

  7. well, iam a 2nd year mbbs dow medical college, karachi, student and just wanted to say that ur doin an awesum job.
    well http://www.duhs.edu.pk/curriculum/index.php?page=dmc u will also find this as helpful, cuz it also contains lecture outlines of all the current ongoing semesters in dmc.

    • Hi Sufyan, Thanks for appreciating us and sharing useful link with us. Have a great study and successful life. You suggestions will highly be appreciated here.

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