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10 Natural Face Beauty Tips

1. You should take 8-10 Glasses of water daily to maintain the Refreshing face and Skin moisture.

2. Balanced diet is important for good health. You should eat foods which are enriched with Vitamin A and C for a beautiful skin.

3. Massage your face with Saffron mixed milk, your skin will be soft and soft & the color will transformed.

4. To remain the tiny pores of the face free from dust around, use a cleansing mask at least once a week.

5. Mix Corn Flour, Lemon juice and milk and then make a paste. Your face will be cleaned by applying this paste. Remain it applied for 15-20 minutes then wash your face.

6. Women (of course men are included too) with oily skin should wash their face with fresh water about 5 times a day.

7. Boil about 10 mint leaves in a cup and then drink its water so your face will always be clean and clear.

8. If ever your face got pimples and other infections then don’t touch and tease them rather apply pure honey on them twice daily.

9. On spending much time in sunlight if your skin has gone “sun burn” then apply Aloe Vera sap on the effected portion. It will not only cure the burning effect but also the color of the skin will become fair

10. In summer due to sweating the pores of the face skin get open which is better but the chance of getting pimples also increases. So in summer wash your face more often and apply rose sap if possible.

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