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Brains of obese people get aged before time

According to a new research by University of Cambridge UK it is revealed that the brain of obese people gets aged before the they get old. It is concluded that brain of obese people gets 10 years older than their age. It was examined in research that the white matter that helps access to the information in a human brain vanishes with the age. This white matter is the tissue which helps information communication between different regions of the human body.


This white matter naturally shrinks and reduces with the age but in obese/overweight people this white matter vanishes with more speed and thus leaves the brain aged before time. That’s why it was observed¬†that obese people of 50 years age have brain aged equal to a 60 years not obese people thus aging the brain of the obese people 10 year earlier as compared to the brain of the lean people.

So, to conclude we should take care of our health through proper diet and most importantly a good exercise should be part of our daily routine to live a healthy, fit and successful life.

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