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What to eat before marriage

Marriage day is most important day for all for which everyone prepares for weeks and even for months. With all other preparations girls do try their best to look as pretty as they can be. As the slim and smartness is concerned girls should need healthy diet other than exercise. Specially the diet plays very important role just 24 hours before marriage, you should must avoid gluten rich foods, caffeine, soft drinks and sweet foods then in result you will not face stomach gastric, swelling under eyes and extensive sweating.

Moreover by adding the following foods into your diet would add many benefits to your health:

Red chilies for Skin:

Red chilies are full of Vitamin C which rebuild the collagen protein, this protein keeps your skin tightly bonded. Red chilies also provide mineral silicon which reduces wrinkles on your face and keep your skin younger.


Cucumber is too much better for eyes, cucumber facilitates the water deficiency and keeps your skin glowing. It contains a lot of nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium which will reduce your body’s swollen.

Sweet Potato (Shakarkandi in Urdu/Hindi):

If you are getting married in winter then you must need to use to sweet potatoes. The vitamin A and C in it vanishes the radicals which can damage your skin tissues. It also is full of biotin, vitamin B2, B6 and vitamin E which are very important for strong nails and hair.


By being awake late at nights black shades under eyes looks bad which can be avoided or reduced when you use yogurt specially in summer and hot season. It contains amino acid which is very important for your skin.

Spinach (Paalak in Urdu/Hindi):

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable which when cooked moderately can cure the tiredness and weakness as it boosts the blood circulation, though it is good for sharp eyesight and good hair.

Pumpkin Seeds (Kaddu Ke Beej in Urdu/Hindi):

Pumpkin seeds contain a good amount of proteins and also the amino acid which can kill parasites in the intestines. By eating a cup full of pumpkin seeds (peeled off) can calm you from inflammation of urinary bladder and is helpful to clean your kidneys, which is good for your health and makes you energetic for your married life 🙂 . Pumpkin seeds can also boost your skin and your beauty.


Mostly due to improper dinner and sleep times you can have the problem of “belly shortness” which can lead you to become obese, in this lemon can act as the best detoxifier, it can excrete the waste materials from the body thus making you healthy and energetic to be active for your life’s most important day.

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